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Free Song: Hello Little Pluto.

Free Song: Hello Little Pluto.

A song about the planet Pluto

From FAWM in 2008, when Pluto lost it’s status as a planet any more.  (Since regained, sort of…) Sometimes planets feel lonely too.  Full of cryptic science-y references.  Can you find them all?


Hello Little Pluto, don’t you know that we still love you.

You’re not quite as important as you once used to be.

You were part of the club, but now you’ve been disbarred.

Still you keep thinking of your time in the sun.


We all need a place where the sun shines on our face,

Holds us safe within its arms pulls us close and keeps us warm.

Protects us from all harm, holds us close and keeps us warm.

Well, the old man they call Charon, he is still your faithful friend,

and Venetia doesn’t say much but she knows they’ve done you wrong.

I know you feel the same doing what you’ve always done,

after all it’s just words, and they’ve been wrong before.


We all want a circle we count on,  keeps us safe within its orbit

and it always pulls us home, we’re a million miles away, but we’ll never be alone