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Free Music Downloads

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Free, But Not Royalty Free

This is free music you can use in whatever capacity you wish.  Use it in a YouTube video or whatever you like.  You can attribute it if you wish, but you don’t have to.  I write a bunch of these little “songs’ from time to time, because I can knock them out in 2o minutes or so, and then I might use them later to add some lyrics to.  My digital distributer will match them as mine if I do that.  Please note that if they do this this music isn’t strictly royalty free, you don’t have to pay anything, but online music matching services might serve ads on videos created with it.  If I don’t distribute them then they won’t get matched.  It’s a crap shoot isn’t it?  You’ve got nothing to lose though, right?

Royalty Free

These are original compositions that I’ve written just for people to use in their videos as stock music.  It’s not distributed digitally, so it shouldn’t be digitally matched.  If it is, then let whoever is claiming copyright know that it’s distributed under a Creative Commons license.  All I ask is that you attribute the music to me either as a link, or in your video or production.