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Free Backing Tracks for You to Use.

Free Backing Tracks for You to Use.

Hey FAWMsters! Here’s some more backing tracks for you to use. These were written by me at various times pre-FAWM. Some of them are several years old, and they’re already in the wild. However if you feel you can use them, here they are. You’re granted non-exclusive rights to modify and create derivative works as long as you attribute me as “David P. Hendricks”. You are not granted permission to license them as-is to performing rights groups, or other distribution methods in which you collect money from the un-altered audio.

BED1 Sort of mellow chorus-y arpeggiated verses with a heavier chorus

BED2 Heavy and driving, distorted guitars not too fast.


©2010-2018 David Hendricks

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  1. […] Hey FAWMsters! Here’s some backing music for you to use. If you contact me through the FAWM page I might be able to edit this for you, switch sections, add some extra sections, maybe even write a new bridge. Keep in mind, not every song I do for FAWM will be available for you to use, just the ones on this page. Get some non-FAWM backing tracks. […]