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I grew up listening to a lot of this stuff. If you take a listen to a lot of the Schoolhouse Rock stuff, you’ll see what I mean, “I Got Six” is one of my favorites, and they don’t make kid music like this anymore. Anyway, here’s the theme song to a fictional cop show. This was written during FAWM (14 songs in 28 days). I didn’t write 28 but I got a few I was happy with.

Hey FAWMsters! Here’s some more backing tracks for you to use. These were written by me at various times pre-FAWM. Some of them are several years old, and they’re already in the wild. However if you feel you can use them, here they are. You’re granted non-exclusive rights to modify and create derivative works as long as you attribute me as “David P. Hendricks”. You are not granted permission to license them as-is to performing rights groups, or other distribution methods in which you collect money from the un-altered audio.

BED1 Sort of mellow chorus-y arpeggiated verses with a heavier chorus

BED2 Heavy and driving, distorted guitars not too fast.


©2010-2018 David Hendricks

Hey FAWMsters! Here’s some backing music for you to use. If you contact me through the FAWM page I might be able to edit this for you, switch sections, add some extra sections, maybe even write a new bridge. I don’t have a lot of time but if it’s a simple section rearrangement I can probably do it. Keep in mind, not every song I do for FAWM will be available for you to use, just the ones on this page. Get some non-FAWM created backing tracks.




Creative Commons License All Songs on this page by David Hendricks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


New song, sort of happy jazzy in a “mild” bebop style, probably more Oleo than Anthropology. It’s got your standard bebop rhythm section, bass, drums, but with electric piano, and vibes as the melody.