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Decaffeinated coffee? What’s the point?  None, that’s what.  Here’s a song about coffee and how you can’t face your mornings without it.  Coffee, it’s your best friend.

Wake up in the morning, and you’ve had an awful night,

the day would be much easier if it weren’t for the light.

So you head to the kitchen for something to wake you up,

nothing else will do but some java in your cup.


Coffee, coffee that dark brown brew,

coffee coffee, can’t start the day without you

coffe, coffee, my favorite blend

coffee, coffee, you’re my best friend.


I guess you know, I’ve become your slave,

you’ve got that magic my body seems to crave.

If I miss you in the morning I lose control,

if I don’t get some coffee soon, some heads are going to roll.



So NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto the ex-planet today, and took some pictures.  I wrote a FAWM song years ago when it was de-planeted.  I made a little movie to celebrate the flyby.

Hello Little Pluto

Hello little Pluto, don’t you know that we still love you,

you’re not quite important as you once used to be

you were part of the club, but now you’ve been disbarred,

still you keep thinking of your time in the sun


We all need a place where the sun shines on your face

Holds us safe within its arms, pulls us close and keeps us warm.

protects us from all harm, holds us close and keeps us warm

Well, the old man they call Charon is still your faithful friend,

and Venetia doesn’t say much, but she knows they’ve done you wrong.

I know you feel the same doing what you’ve always done,

After all, it’s just words and they’ve been wrong before.


We all want a circle we can count on,

keeps us safe within it’s orbit,

and it always pulls us home,

we’re a million miles away, but we’ll never be alone.